One Deck Dungeon Galaxies

Kommande release - Juni
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Your civilization has reached the stars, and your population is hungry for discovery.

Explore, colonize, research - but be sure to build up your strength to be ready for the dangers that await!

One Deck Galaxyis a co-op space civilization-building game using only cards, dice, and tokens. Each card in the deck represents both a location in space your civilization has scouted, but also the benefits it could reap by colonizing or studying it. These benefits increase your ability to roll dice and manipulate them, and help your civilization grow stronger. When the deck runs out, the era advances and your foes become more dangerous. If you're not ready, they may overwhelm you and send your empire into decline before it can become truly great!

One Deck Dungeon Galaxies i gruppen SÄLLSKAPSSPEL / Kortspel hos Spelexperten (ASI0090)
One Deck Dungeon Galaxies
Artnr: ASI0090

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One Deck Dungeon Galaxies
Your civilization has reached the stars, and your population is hungry for discovery.
239 kr