Disturbed Friends

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Play until you hate yourself.
  • The Worst Game Ever Made
  • 250 disturbing questions and 100 offensive cartoon #WINNING cards
  • A party card game you will wish you never played
  • Vote on what you think your friends will do in horrible situations
  • Includes game rules and voting cards for up to 10 players

"Cards Against Humanity on steroids" - theCHIVE 

Disturbed Friends is a party game designed to find out how disturbed your friends are, but, more importantly, how disturbed they think you are.

You will be faced with horrible situations, sexual scenarios and unethical debates that may cause you to re-evaluate your friendships. 

The game is simple, even a handicapped goat could play. One unlucky player picks up a multiple choice question card and reads it out loud. The other players vote on what answer they think their friend will choose. 

Predict how disturbed your friend is and receive a cartoon #WINNING card that mocks the wonderful world we live in. 

The first player to get 10 #WINNING cards wins.

Disturbed Friends i gruppen SÄLLSKAPSSPEL / Festspel hos Spelexperten (1000083)
Disturbed Friends
Disturbed Friends
Disturbed Friends
Regelspråk: Engelska
Ålder (från): 21 år
Antal spelare: 4-10
Speltid: 20-90 min
Artnr: 1000083

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Disturbed Friends
Play until you hate yourself.
349 kr