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Recreate World War Two in 20 minutes!

The perfect wargame for non-wargamers, Blitzkrieg! allows two players to battle across the War’s most iconic theatres, winning key campaigns and building military might.

Players draw army tokens from a bag to determine their starting forces and to replenish their losses. Rather than ‘fighting’ battles with dice or cards, players allocate their military resources to each theatre’s campaigns, winning victory points, further resources, special weapons, and strategic advantages as they play. Refight World War Two several times in one evening!

Includes Solo mode by Dávid Turczi.

Blitzkrieg! i gruppen SÄLLSKAPSSPEL / Strategispel hos Spelexperten (BKCB01)
Regelspråk: Engelska
Ålder (från): 14 år
Antal spelare: 1-2
Speltid: 20-45 min
Artnr: BKCB01

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Recreate World War Two in 20 minutes!
325 kr