Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Hulk (Exp.)

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When famed scientist Bruce Banner saved his friend Rick Jones’ life during a gamma bomb test explosion, he was bombarded with intense gamma radiation.

The results of this extreme exposure caused the soft-spoken Banner to transform into a raging green-skinned monster known as the Hulk. While the Hulk has been hated and feared for most of his existence, this fact has not stopped him from using his incredible strength for good, both as part of the mighty Avengers and on his own.

The box contains everything players need to add the character to their Marvel: Crisis Protocol collections.

Pack brings the fan favorite Hulk to Crisis Protocol

  • Includes several new Tactic cards, giving players more options when building their roster
  • Includes a new Crisis Card which expands the variety of missions players can play

OBS! Figuren är omonterad och omålad
Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Hulk (Exp.) i gruppen SÄLLSKAPSSPEL / Expansioner hos Spelexperten (FMSG04)
Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Hulk (Exp.)
Regelspråk: Engelska
Ålder (från): 14 år
Artnr: FMSG04

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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Hulk (Exp.)
When famed scientist Bruce Banner saved his friend Rick Jones’ life during a gamma bomb test...
325 kr