e-Raptor Insert - Talisman

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e-Raptor Insert compatible with Talisman + expansion + 6organizers is a perfect accessory designed to organize and improve gameplay of the board game.

Thanks to this insert you can arrange all game components and keep them in order – no more mess on the table while playing. No more looking for necessary elements during the game.

You can hold all your player boards, miniatures, tokens, sleeved cards, dials,  map tiles etc. in one place without being afraid of losing control of the setting. They can be easily accessed and do not take as much space as during the game without an insert. Also, when the box is closed, the components are still kept in order, ready for setting another game quicker than ever before.

The insert is composed of four and accessible trays. All of them can be taken out of the board game box which makes sorting and reaching all components very easy. You can see the suggested components setup on the pictures.

The insert is durable and made of high quality HDF + Plexiglass. To assemble it, there is no glue required. It allows to hold all components inside the box, including board, scenario book, map tiles and manual.

Insert Included can be combined with:

- Core game

- 3x Mini expansions

- 6x organizers

No game included/Inget spel ingår

Insert/organizer are an accessory. No game is included in this product/article. All games pictured are only for display purposes, showing how the product can be combined with Insert/Organizer 

e-Raptor Insert - Talisman i gruppen SÄLLSKAPSSPEL / Tillbehör / Inserts & Organizers hos Spelexperten (ERP2263)
e-Raptor Insert - Talisman
Artnr: ERP2263

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