Pandemic 10th Anniversary Ed.

Pandemic 10th Anniversary Ed.

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10th Anniversary Edition av Pandemic!

Gameplay-wise, this is the classic, beloved co-op-you and your team are still the only things standing in the way of deadly diseases that threaten the world, and you must work together to avert disaster. Yet again, the fate of humanity is in your hands! But with this beautifully rendered edition of the game, you'll be saving humanity in style. It includes:

This custom metal box was inspired by the look of early 20th century first aid kits, and it really grounded the entire product's design. The minimalist design and font choices work together to make this feel like a truly exceptional vintage product. The game itself weighs an impressive 6 pounds, with the metal box contributing a significant amount of heft. And, for you hardcore Pandemic fans, the box comes with gaskets that allow you to mount it to the wall of your game room.

This has been a long time coming. Not only has this been one of the most-requested topics that appears on seemingly everyone's wishlist, but at least once a year someone launches a crowdfunding campaign for a set of generic "disease-fighting" minis. The anniversary edition provided us with the perfect opportunity to introduce highly detailed figures into Pandemic. Each figure has been carefully sculpted based on the 2nd edition character designs, and they've been painted with a wash to really make those details pop!

One of our goals with Pandemic 10th was to highlight the very best of both 1st and 2nd edition. We know many Pandemic fans appreciate the look and feel of the wooden components from the game's 1st edition and we wanted to pay tribute to that aspect of the original game. We splurged on wood pieces for this special edition, and inside you'll find wooden cubes as well as wooden cure markers screenprinted with the virus symbols.

To complement the box's minimalist design, Pandemic 10th features all-new art and graphic design. Even the character illustrations (which we kept from 2nd edition) get some special treatment to match the vintage aesthetic. The color palette, the layout, and even some special effects that render some of the printed materials as if they were made in an antique printshop really complete the whole design.

In addition to all of the above, Pandemic 10th features a larger board, converts the role cards into large ID badges with fingerprints and profile data, and has custom screen-printed Petri dishes. All in all, we are quite proud of the final product.

Pandemic 10th Anniversary Ed. i gruppen SÄLLSKAPSSPEL / Strategispel hos Spelexperten (ZMGZM7102)
Pandemic 10th Anniversary Ed.
Regelspråk: Engelska
Ålder (från): 13 år
Antal spelare: 2-4
Speltid: 45 min
Artnr: ZMGZM7102

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Marie 2021-01-17

Vackert spel! Kul med karaktärerna och spelplanen är inte alltför stor som jag var rädd för. Det man ska tänka på är att pga den nya designen på korten så är det inte kompatibelt med expansioner. Ska man ”bara” spela grundspelet är det däremot en härligare spelupplevelse med denna fina utgåva än med originalversionen. Personligen gillar jag iofs smittkuberna bättre i plast än i trä.

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Pandemic 10th Anniversary Ed.
10th Anniversary Edition av Pandemic!
889 kr