Chemistry C1000

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Beginner Chemistry Set

Enrol in CHEM C1000 and prepare for a lifetime of fascination with this essential science through 125 diverse experiments. Start with an introduction to the field of chemistry and famous chemists. Set up your lab space and learn how to safely handle the lab equipment and chemicals.

Learn about indicators with litmus solution and write a secret message in invisible ink. Test the inks from your coloured markers on the chromatography racetrack to reveal their different colour components. Experiment with air pressure, surface tension, and the physical properties of fluids.

Experiment with two well-known metals, iron and copper. Investigate carbon dioxide. Dissolve metals with electrochemical reactions. Explore water and its elements, saturated and unsaturated solutions, and crystals. Split water into hydrogen and oxygen with electrolysis, and form oxygen from hydrogen peroxide.

Experiment with soaps, detergents, and emulsions of water and oil. Investigate chemistry in the kitchen by experimenting with sugar, honey, eggs and proteins, fatty acids, and calcium.

Begin to build a strong foundation in chemistry with exposure to a broad range of chemical phenomena and hands-on laboratory experiences. This kit provides clear instructions for preparing and performing the experiments, offers safety advice, offers explanations for the observed occurrences, and asks and answers questions about the results.

Thorough safety precautions and instructions ensure safe experimentation. Professional quality equipment helps you make the most of your chemistry experiments. 80-page, full-colour experiment manual.

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Chemistry C1000
Chemistry C1000
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Chemistry C1000
Beginner Chemistry Set
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