Sweets - So Kanada - 2017 KWC Champ Model

369 kr
Champ Mod So Kanada


Originally released at KWC 2018, now available worldwide!
This Special Edition Prime Kendama is designed to commemorate So Kanada's amazing win at the 2017 Kendama World Cup.


  • Prime Maple Ken
  • Prime Sticky Clear Tama
  • Easy-Track Tama Design
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Custom Dyed String
  • Special Edition KWCEngravings

His birthday, his birth month, and his lucky number. There are eight 8s engraved around the handlestall.

New Record
1300 is engraved on the big cup to represent the points So scored at KWC2017. This score gave him the win, and a new highest score in KWC history.

Inspired Design
When designing his Champ Mod, So was inspired by 2 of his favorite kendamas. The OG Willie P Pro Mod, and the most recent Matt Sweets Pro Mod. Our design team worked with So to create a unique tama that paid homage to those designs, but was uniquelyhis own.

Our high-gloss Prime Sticky Clear provides competition ready tack in all conditions.

Our latest and greatest Prime Ken made of high quality hard wood Maple provides outstanding balance, increased durability, and crispy clicks and clacks.

The Prime Kens larger cups and heavier perimeter allow for exceptional lunar balance and increased gunslinger and ken-flip whip.


  • Colored string and metal bearing bead for perfect string control.
  • Special Edition Packaging and Sticker Sheets.
  • Player Designed, Special Edition KWCEngravings.
Greppfaktor, tama (1-5): 3
Längd: 18 Cm (Standard)
Träslag: Lönn
Sweets - So Kanada - 2017 KWC Champ Model i gruppen LEKSAKER / Kendama / Sweets hos Spelexperten (850-SKKWC)
Sweets - So Kanada - 2017 KWC Champ Model
Sweets - So Kanada - 2017 KWC Champ Model
Sweets - So Kanada - 2017 KWC Champ Model

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