Memoir 44: Pacific Theater (Exp.)

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From the jungles of Japanese-occupied Burma to the desolate slopes of long-forgotten atolls, discover this latest exciting expansion for Memoir '44!
The Pacific Theater expansion introduces new units (Chindits, Japanese Giretsu Special Forces, US Marines), new weapons (Mobile Artillery, Flame throwing Tanks), new terrains and features (rope bridges, aircraft carriers, warships, caves...) and new figures (Japanese Infantry, Ha-Go Light Tanks and 75mm AA Guns), and more...

Revive some of the most ferocious battles of WWII like Iwo Jima or Okinawa! Use new rules, like the Japanese "Banzai!" war cry or the Marines' "Gung Ho" rally cry to win the battle!

Each copy of the Pacific Theater will include its own Web Card code. When used in combination with an existing M44 Web Card code, this number will give you access to the Scenario Editor.
Memoir 44: Pacific Theater (Exp.) i gruppen SÄLLSKAPSSPEL / Expansioner hos Spelexperten (DOW7305)
Memoir 44: Pacific Theater (Exp.)
Ålder (från):8 år
Antal spelare:2-8
Speltid:30-60 min

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Memoir 44: Pacific Theater (Exp.)
From the jungles of Japanese-occupied Burma to...
219 kr