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Monza is a car race game for children.

Players roll six dice on their turn, and move their car according to the colors shown on the dice. The dice are identical, each having six different colors, one on each side. The board is a three-lane race track. Monza encourages tactical thinking as well as color recognition. The game states it is for children 5 and older, but 3-4 year olds can join in the fun as well.

Play sequence:

Six racing cars are standing on the starting grid, of the 3 lane racing board. But only the player who gets the right colors with the dice and makes clever combinations will be able to move rapidly ahead.

The first player throws all 6 dice. Now try to move your car according to the colors obtained. You must compare the colors of the dice with the colors of the squares directly ahead of your car.

After each single move, put aside the corresponding die. If you cannot use certain colors, your turn is over. Watch out! You can only move your car ahead and you must avoid the obstacle squares.

A change of lanes is only permitted if the far end of the neighboring square is situated ahead of the square where your car is. If your car lands on a square with a car in it, this car is moved back to the next available square in the same lane.

Monza i gruppen SÄLLSKAPSSPEL / Barnspel hos Spelexperten (HABA441)
Regelspråk: Engelska, Spanska, Franska, Tyska
Ålder (från): 5 år
Antal spelare: 2-6
Speltid: 10-15 min
Artnr: HABA441

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Monza is a car race game for children.
195 kr